David Lackey

2011 haunted house commercials

Worked with V on House of Torment’s TV/theater spot again this year, along with commercials for their affiliates 13th Floor Haunted Houses (San Antonio, TX and Phoenix, AZ) and once again had a lot of fun shooting in the haunted houses with well-received final products. Most or all of the “monsters” in these houses are aspiring or working actors who have also trained in preparation for their roles and were able to put some athleticism into it, and the performances are great. This year we tried to kick the focus on the environments up a notch by playing with fog and using studio light setups, as opposed to last year’s, where we mostly relied on darkness and a light panel handheld or on the camera.

During the shoots, Vishwanand Shetti focused more on directing and running a camera, I focused more on lighting and steadicam, although everyone sort of helped with everything, including some of the actors. V edited, I did titles and effects.

The goal with the House of Torment commercial was to give it something of an “epic sequel” feeling.

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